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Types of Properties Appraised

Agricultural, recreational, rural residential, equestrian and waterfront properties  are unique, and frequently one of a kind. They require the knowledge of how to value different land types and their  special purpose improvements. Whether it's vacant land used for row crops or hay, active or shuttered farms, hunting land with or without cabins, all types and sizes of equestrian properties, homes on acreage, big or small, or most waterfront properties, regardless of the age or condition of the improvements, Belle Terra can help.

Vacant Land Appraisals
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Improved Property Appraisals

Reasons for an Appraisal

Attorneys, accountants, real estate agents, homeowners and investors are clients who utilize appraisals :

  • for pre-listing value, whether you are listing it on the MLS or FSBO.

  • to value real estate for estate planning purposes, including inheritance and estate taxes.

  • to contest property tax assessments.

  • for asset division  such as divorce or partnership dissolution.

  • to ensure you're making a good investment in real estate.

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